I really enjoyed this assignment, in this assignment we had to create a Bio for ourselves. What I learned was basic information about how to use InDesign for the first time, as well as information on how to place photos, make text boxes, setting up a guide for yourself, and previewing your document. What I had the most difficulty with was the resizing of my photos, due to my photos being too big for space I at first had a hard time fitting it in its assigned image box, but after a little help and using the direct selection tool I was able to resize it. I loved looking through the different fonts trying to see which one I wanted to use and how I wanted my font size to be from my headline, sub-headline, and text. I used two new shortcuts which are command + D to place my images into their image boxes and command + S to save, which I did often. This was a great first project to give me a basic introduction to InDesign.  Now during the finalization process I decided that I wanted to change a few things with my BIO project this time I decided to change the orientation of the assignment and make it horizontal instead of vertical, once doing that I wanted to add some color so I decided to add a color box behind my writing and change both the tint of the color as well as the opacity of it as well to make sure that the words can be seen through the color. All in all, I really like how it turned out.

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