WordPress Customization

Customizing your site is a very simple process when it comes customizing your blog the first thing you do is click the customize tab next to the theme tab. When you click that “customize” tab you will see a few different tabs. They are Colors & Background, Fonts,  Header Image, and Widgets.

Colors & Backgrounds

In this tab, you can change the colors of the background to anything and make your blog look totally different.


In the fonts section, you will be able to change the font shown in the headings and base font and make the words and content look any way that you would like you can go as simple or as funky as you want.

Header Image

With adding a header image to your blog for every theme there’s a different recommendation for a number of pixels your image needs to be. Once you select your image by clicking “Add New Image” WordPress will allow you to crop the image in order to make it fit perfectly within your blog. Once you finish cropping it all that’s left to do is save and publish and on the front end of your blog, you will see your header.


With widgets when you add them they will be placed on the main sidebar and with different themes, they offer different widgets. to add a widget all you need to do is click the “Add Widget” button once you do that a list of different widgets will pop up. Now once you click on the widget of your choice you will click the save and publish button and if more are needed you will just repeat the process.


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