Adding Widgets

Creating Widgets for your Indesign site is a very simple and easy process, that in the end will make your blog have a more advanced look and feel when people come and visit it. The first step in finding widgets for your blog is to click the customize button next to the Themes tab on your WordPress dashboard, once the customizer page opens you will see a list of different customizations that you can make to your blog from Font to the Color and background and header image. Right under the Menus tab, you will see the Widgets tab that you will click on, now once you click on this tab, the tab will open and will give you the option on where you want your widget to be placed. With different themes, you can place widgets at many different spots, so with my theme, I can only place my widgets on the main sidebar. Once you click on where you want your widgets to be on your blog you will see that WordPress allows you to now choose which widgets you was showcased. At the button of the page, there is am “add widget” button that allows you to add things like your blog stats to a gallery showcasing all the pictures and other works that are found on your blog. With adding widgets you can now help make your page look cool while also showcasing your work.


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